Localization Training
Localization Training
Introduction to SDL Passolo 2016
This course offers
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1. Passolo fundamentals $5.99 Interactive
2. Installing Passolo 2016 $5.99 Interactive
3. Creating a Passolo folder structure $5.99 Interactive
4. Creating your first Passolo project $5.99 Interactive
5. Using existing translations $5.99 Interactive
6. Creating translation bundles $5.99 Interactive
7. Translating in Passolo $5.99 Interactive
8. Importing translation bundles $5.99 Interactive
9. Performing basic quality checks $5.99 Interactive
10. Generating target files $5.99 Interactive
11. Using the SDL Language Cloud $5.99 Interactive
12. Welcome and course outline Free Interactive
13. Course Quiz $5.99 Interactive
14. The Passolo Start Page $5.99 Interactive

This course provides a basic overview of fundamental concepts of Passolo. When done, you will have a good understanding of the tool.

The course offers a mix of theoretical knowledge and show and tell through software demonstration. We will begin with Passolo fundamentals, where you will receive an overview of the features of Passolo. We will spend some time looking at the Passolo start page. Then, we will walk through a typical localization workflow.

You can purchase the entire course or individual lessons. To get the most out of the course, I recommend you buy the entire course.


This course is well done, but too short. I would like to see additional chapters. Anonymous